Florida Rep. Radel to resign after coke conviction

Image by Chapendra
Tonight is the State Of The Union address. Being that is a important thing when into politics to focus, at least in my eyes. I decided I need to make myself into a the political spectrum for the evening.

PLEASE NOTICE: None of these three pictures show my true feelings about the political party. Being blue left wing, purple "undecided/unknown", and red being right wing. Along with not all parties are shown.

Florida Rep. Radel to resign after coke conviction
He apologized to fellow Republican lawmakers during a closed-door meeting on Jan. 8. But Radel's political fortunes had also suffered as a result of the arrest. The Republican Party of Florida had called for the congressman to step down shortly after …
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Politics Loom as China, Taiwan Plan High-Level Talks
The first such high-level meeting between the two sides presents an opportunity to discuss tough political issues that have kept the Asian neighbors deeply divided for more than 60 years. Nathan Liu, an international affairs professor at Ming Chuan …
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