Justice Demanded for 70-year-old Conviction

Justice Demanded for 70-year-old Conviction
reporter: advocates argue that stinney's trial was a travesty of justice. it lasted three hours nochlt physical evidence was presented. the defense put on no case and the all-white jury took just ten minutes to reach a guilty verdict . after stinney …
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Justice urged for slain journalist in Turkey
Several thousand Turks have taken part in a rally, amid heavy presence of riot police, to demand justice for a prominent Turkish Armenian journalist murdered seven years ago. A demonstration has been staged every year on January 19 since Hrant Dink's …
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WILLIAMS: On peace, justice and the right ordering of things
Peace comes through justice, which is the right ordering of things. If you seek peace, as we all do, then seek justice; otherwise, you will not find it. An unjust peace will not remain peaceful for long, but will lead to conflict. The Holy Father, Pope …
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