Tired of protests, Venezuelans take politics to the beach

Tired of protests, Venezuelans take politics to the beach
But not even the reggaeton pop music blasting at full volume drowns out the discussions about inflation, violent crime, and the political differences that divide Venezuelans and have fed the unrest. "We're never going to stop talking about this," said …
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Ukraine mobilizes troops after Russia's 'declaration of war'
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office said Putin had accepted a proposal to establish a "fact-finding mission" to Ukraine, possibly under the leadership of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and to start a political dialogue.
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5 years later, here's how the tea party changed politics
Washington (CNN) — Five years ago, not many people knew of Ted Cruz or sequestration or had seen a tricorne hat. Today, all are familiar in the political arena because of the tea party movement that emerged in 2009. For better or worse, the coming …
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